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Cultures of Governance

Cultures of Governance

Type of group

Initiative group

Area focus

Transregional research group


Luiza Bialasiewicz
Pola Cebulak (Europeanizing Governance)
Anne van Wageningen (Federalism and Intergovernmentalism)
Peter-Wim Zuidhof (Transnational Governmentalities)


Luiza Bialasiewicz
Robin de Bruin
Pola Cebulak
Chiara de Cesari
Boyd van Dijk
David Hollanders
Peter Rodenburg
Jamal Shahin
Paul Teule
Claske Vos
Anne van Wageningen
Jack-Jan Wirken
Peter-Wim Zuidhof

External partners

‘Governing Europe’ and ‘Europe in the World’ Thematic Clusters, Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES)

Research programme

The Cultures of Governance group examines the transformations of European governance at a variety of scales. Bringing together researchers from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, economics, geography, history, law and political science, it engages the transformations taking place both within Europe and EU Member States, as well as within the EU’s relations with the wider world.

The group’s research is organized around three key sub-themes:

  • Europeanizing Governance
  • Federalism and Intergovernmentalism in Europe
  • Transnational Governmentalities

Europeanizing governance

Research within this sub-theme focuses on both the processes and discourses of the Europeanization of policy realms across the EU, as well as the ways in which the European Union engages and interacts with partners beyond its borders: most importantly, in its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods, but also in the wider world.

Federalism and Intergovernmentalism in Europe

This sub-theme examines evolving ideas and practices of Europe-making. It examines historical as well as contemporary processes of state formation and the making of institutional architectures, both within and between states. A key focus lies with understanding possible modes and models of European integration but also dis-integration.

Transnational Governmentalities

The focus of this sub-theme lies with a critical analysis of a range of transnational practices and knowledges of government. Research engages the role of experts and expertise in the making of a European governmentality in a range of fields from economic to cultural policy, both within and beyond Europe.

Current projects

Since the spring of 2018, the Cultures of Governance research group has been holding a bi-weekly reading and discussion seminar where members and invited guests present on-going research and papers in progress. Coordinators: Claske Vos (Spring 2018) and Jamal Shahin (Autumn 2018).