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Urban and Global Cultures in Latin America

Type of group

Reading group

Area focus

Latin America


Christien Klaufus


Irene Arends
Christien Klaufus
Kees Koonings
Arij Ouweneel
Alexis de Sossa
Julienne Weegels
Annelou Ypeij

External partners

Centre for Urban Studies (University of Amsterdam)

Links within ARTES

Research Group The Commons in Latin America
Research Group Mediating Memories in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America

Research programme

This research programme starts from the assumption that the current global urban condition shapes, and is shaped by cultural encounters. With a focus on urban sites for cultural encounter and exchange, Urban and Global Cultures in Latin America seeks to recast our understanding of tangible and intangible cultural transfers and tensions. It addresses how cultural meanings and identity discourses shape urban societies, and how urbanites navigate everyday situations of conviviality, (dis)trust, commemoration,  and identification in Latin American cities.

Achievements 2014-2017

  • 2017: Panel session ‘Lima’s conos today’ at the international conference of the Latin American Studies Association, Lima, Peru, 30 April.
  • 2017: Workshop ‘Mapping Denied Spaces’, Centre for Urban Studies/CEDLA/FMG, Amersfoort, 14–15 February.
  • 2016: Conference ‘Cities and Citizenship’, CEDLA/NALACS/TU-Delft, Delft, 16-17 June.
  • 2015: Panel session ‘Autonomous urban planners? The politics of space in developing sustainable urban futures’, Society for Latin American Studies Conference, Aberdeen, 17 April.
  • 2014: CEDLA seminar ‘The Visible City’, Amsterdam, 8-9 October.

Aims 2018-2021

  • Organization of one yearly ARTES seminar
  • Organization of panel sessions at conferences
  • Joint publications

Current projects

  • Deathscapes in Latin American Metropolises, coordinator C. Klaufus
  • Gender, family relations and social mobility in Lima, coordinator A. Ypeij