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One-day conference with a keynote lecture by Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary, University of London).

Detail Summary
Date 22 January 2021

The conference is part of the Amsterdam-Utrecht Seminar Global Intellectual History and is organised by Camille Creyghton.

Prospective programme

Keynote Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary, University of London)

Panel 1: Reluctant revolutionaries: Between saving old worlds and adapting to new ones  

  • James Morris, Crossing the Counterrevolutionary Border in Wallachia, 1848-49
  • Oliver Zajac, Hotel Lambert’s Republic of Letters: František Zach’s mission in Belgrade as an example of a cosmopolitan revolutionary network
  • Piotr Kuligowski, A Conceptual Hybridization: Reception of the French Early Socialist Concepts within the Polish Political Community in Exile before 1848
  • Oliver Schulz, Policing immigration and migrant networks: the Swiss cantons, European politics and the question of political asylum (1815-1848)

Panel 2: (Self-)fashioning of revolutionaries and PR strategies

  • Pierre-Marie Delpu, The Transnational Community of Revolutionary Martyrs (Southern Europe, 1830-1848)
  • Peter Morgan, Exilic Anglophilia and the hope of intervention: Recasting British exile in the age of revolution with Francisco de Miranda and Simón Bolívar
  • Matilde Flamigni, Agostino Codazzi: A Transatlantic Life (1793-1859)

Panel 3: Large scale and/or involuntary migrations and the spread of revolutionary ideas

  • Sebastian Majstorovic, The Vagrant Threat: Political Journeymen Activism as a European Phenomenon, c. 1834-1848
  • Alessandro Bonvini, La causa del Nuevo Mundo: Bonapartists in the Latin American Wars of Emancipation
  • Elena Bacchin, Transportation of political prisoners: Roman detainees landing in Brazil in 1837