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This project on digital media focuses on a wide range of social media practices on Runet (or the Russian-language internet) - these are what I call, ‘unspectacular practices’ that, nevertheless, exemplify citizenship as cultural performance. I define citizenship as a sense of belonging, practiced and realised in this routine but significant digital media acts of seeking inclusion and challenging discursive marginalisation.

My work has addressed the topic of online fandoms that articulate a politics of alternative sexualities, and other research I have undertaken has revealed postfeminist mobilization where rape survivors use intimate spaces of Russian digital media (like the vlog interface) to mobilize against misogyny, engender solidarities and build celebrity cultures that derive from their capacity to survive and live full lives.  Earlier work has also considered online forums for Russian makeover television where audiences take issue and push back against neoliberal fashion advice. I have also researched online platforms dedicated to revisiting history and building mnemonic communities that negotiate and offer alternative retellings of the Soviet past, while navigating contemporary politics. My current research project is at the conceptualization stage. I imagine it to be concerned with post- Soviet Doomer Wave music and the sentiment of late modern disaffection and alienation for which it seems to have become an effective platform across transnational digital communities. 


Dr. S. (Sudha) Rajagopalan

Faculty of Humanities

Europese studies