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Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies

Combining humanities and social science-based approaches to the study of Europe and other world regions
6 November 2019
In November and December dr Dimitris Bouris will organise the 4th Practitioners Engagement Series in cooperation with the EUMENIA network. This year’s series will engage with a number of topical issues and will also ...
11 October 2019
The researcher is expected to research the history of spas, seaside and climatic resorts in countries like Romania, Italy, Spain or Portugal. The postdoctoral researcher will be appointed full-time for a period of 24 ...
10 October 2019
Wiebke Kolbe, professor for history at Lund University in Sweden, is visiting the University of Amsterdam as a guest researcher from September to December 2019.
The Amsterdam School for Regional and Transnational and European Studies combines humanities and social science-based approaches to the study of Europe and other world regions, and the relations between them.
ARTES brings together academics from a broad range of disciplines. Here you will find an overview of its members.
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20 Nov 2019 17:00
Liminoid spaces are spaces where everyday life dimensions and experiences are transgressed. The paper explores seaside resorts as liminoid spaces and examines different dimensions of liminality: spatial, social and ...
27 Nov 2019 10:30 - 17:00
This ASH/ ARTES workshop aims to bring together MA and PhD students whose research involves communities, minorities, diasporas, and community relations, to reflect on theoretical and analytical debates that could ...
28 Nov 2019 13:00 - 15:00
The aim of this event is to explore and evaluate the EU’s role in conflict resolution in South Caucasus.