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The Amsterdam School for Regional and Transnational and European Studies has been created in September 2014 to pool and develop further existing research expertise in transnational and regional studies within the Faculty of Humanities. As an interdisciplinary and transnational Research School, ARTES aims to go beyond traditional ‘area’ and ‘regional’ studies approaches, focusing also on the re-making and relations between world and regional orders, borders, and identities, historically and in today’s world. ARTES research engages with political, intellectual and institutional cultures in their national as well as transnational dimensions, as well as questions of cultural, linguistic and religious identities, and their representations in music, the visual and performing arts, and literature.

Bringing together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, research conducted within ARTES analyses how global encounters shape the making of world regions and their inhabitants – from formal and long-standing colonial and post-colonial encounters, to myriad networks of material and intellectual exchange. In geographic terms, the school spans regions as diverse as Europe, the Mediterranean, the Near East, Eurasia and Latin America.

Priority Area: Europe

Priority Area: Eurasia

Priority Area: Middle East

Priority Area: Latin America

Transnational Research Groups